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Who We Are

Yoga & More

Here at Salt of the Earth, we invite you to feel at home in
your yoga practice. Yoga in the West has seen many
transformations. We aim to bring it back to its healing
Stress and anxiety play a big part in our lives here on
Long Island. Whether it’s at your place of work, or your
everyday life, yoga can help us self regulate and calm
our nerves in times of high intensity and hectic worry.
Yoga helps with processing stress, building resilience, and
enhancing job performance. 

We aim to adapt the yoga practice to anyone and everyone.
No matter your limitations, age, lifestyle, work life, or home
life, we specialize the practice to your needs so that you can
feel the benefits. Sometimes it feels more comfortable to
practice with others who have had the same life


You will experience a focused, grounded approach to yoga
and most of all we invite you to feel comfortable in our
space and in your own skin.

Meet The Team



Yoga Instructor:

  • 200hr ERYT

  • Accessible Yoga Trained

  • 10+ Years Experience

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