Healing Modalities: Reiki

For those not familiar, Reiki is a universal healing energy. The master/practitioner hovers their hands above the body in different areas and channels universal energy to where you need.

I grew up with Reiki in my household. My father became a Reiki Master in the early 90's when is was fairly unheard of. My friends used to call him "Rafiki" from the Lion King. He used it on us when we were sick, injured or stressed out with school. The most profound experience I witnessed with it was when one of my best friends was going through his final months of life with cancer. The only healing he wanted was Reiki by my father, nothing else. We believe it helped him have a peaceful rest of his life and passing. When you're open to healing and energy, peace can happen.

I have attached an article on "Distance Reiki Healing" which is more common these days due to the pandemic. This is done over the phone, virtual, or sent to you whenever you need it.

My father still practices, and often performs Distance Reiki on those who ask for it. I received my Reiki 1 Certification a couple of years ago to be able to practice on myself and animals! It has helped me remember that I have the power to heal myself especially and that we all have this within us.

I have a few great references of Reiki Healers if you are ever interested. All of them are very grounded, brilliant human beings.

I Tried A Virtual Reiki Session- Heres How It Felt

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