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Studio Etiquette

  • We aim to open the door 10-15 min prior to class to give you ample time to settle in.

  • Doors are closed and locked on time. Please give yourself plenty of time to travel.

  • No shoes on studio floor.

  • Phones off or silent. 

  • Please leave all extra belongings in the lounge area. The door is locked for security and comfort.

  • Please keep your voice to a whisper if you need to speak in the practice space. Many are here to unwind after a long day or mentally prepare ourselves for the rest of our day.


Q. What do I need to bring?

We ask that you bring your own yoga mat, but we have plenty to use. Water is always a good idea and we have a water jug you can refill at.


Q. What if I have an injury?

Advise the teacher of any injury or medical concern you may have that affects your yoga/exercise practice.

Q. Can I practice during pregnancy?

Yes! Many of our teachers are trained or experienced with Prenatal Yoga so we advise that you inform the instructor as some poses are contraindicated while pregnant. We will show you how to modify. If you are new to the practice of Yoga while pregnant, we advise that you begin after your 14 week mark.

Q. Can I arrive late?

We strongly discourage late arrival as we begin with quiet time and meditation and that would be disturbed.

However, I understand that life happens.

If you know you are going to be late, please text or message on our app and we will leave the door open no more than 3 min.

Please do not make this a regular occurrence. 

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