During these difficult times we are all experiencing,

I wanted to show my appreciation for all who have been contributing their time, voice, love and financial support to keep this healing dream going.

Thank You

The Radical Relief Fund

(Salt Of The Earth was selected to receive financial support from this amazing fund!)

Violet Cove Oyster Co.

Farmhouse Herbals

The Zysks & Guaragnos

The Pujdaks

The Shins

The Adamkiewiczs

Heathers Healing Kitchen

Danielle Ruquet

Dana Adamkiewicz LAc.

The Barbieris

The McArees/Cordas


David T. Ives

Senior Advisor:  World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates Permanent Secretariat.


"Lauren is one of the most talented and capable yoga instructors with whom I have ever worked or observed"

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