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Private Yoga Sessions
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Our private Yoga sessions can be customized to you and your party or sports team!

If you are interested in an individualized Yoga practice, this is founder Lauren's specialty.

She will work with your concerns, restrictions, injuries and all abilities.

This is a wonderful option for beginners to the Yoga practice!


We are now working with long COVID clients. Please reach out with questions.

Lauren has been working with clients 1-on-1 for the past 10+ years.

She is currently in continuing education courses to become a

Yoga Therapeutic Specialist with Yoga Medicine.

Please reach out for a consultation!

In-Studio Therapeutic/Beginner Sessions:

1-on-1 Sessions beginning at $150.


Discounted packages available.

(includes 1 Inframat Session)


Group Private Sessions Available!

Beginning at $200

Come to us, or we'll come to you!


For further questions or more information contact us!

(631) 655-8627

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