Inframat Gemstone Therapy

5 Therapies in 1 Healing Mat

  • Far Infrared Therapy ( Stimulates circulatory system & decreases pain, inflammation, stiffness & stress levels)

  • Negative Ion Therapy ( Natures purifiers. Cleanse your mind; improve the quality of your sleep and health)

  • Photon Light Therapy ( Beneficial for managing energy levels. Assists directly with the mitochondria)

  • Hot Stone Therapy (Amethyst, Jade & Tourmaline scientifically linked to lower levels of stress & anxiety. Stone surface impacts pressure points on body to relieve tension)

  • PEMF Therapy (Applies electromagnetic fields to the body to stimulate well being.)

Email here to book your 30 or 45 minute session in our private room filled with salt lamps, calming music and essential oils if you choose!


Pricing Special through October!

30 minutes: $25

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